Lizards From Afar Classic Tone Returns?

What was a defining feature of classic 1992 Lizards From Afar sound? My 1986 Ibanez ms10 “Metal Charger.” Didn’t matter what kind of crappy solid state amplifier I put behind it, this little pedal drove it into British metal mayhem.

I’d been using this thing since 1986–purchased in Crystal Lake for about $30–and it stayed on most of the time during every LFA gig or “rehearsal.” I didn’t always have it on high gain, either. Despite its reputation as a “heavy metal” effect, the strength of the ms10, in my opinion, was the warm tube-like distortion it provided.

Somewhere in the intervening years after 1993 when the Lizards broke up, I lost my ms10. I have no idea what happened to it. It might have been in the back of my old amp when I gave the amp away (yeah, I just gave away my old 30 watt Washburn–I always hated that amp), but I’m not sure. It was just gone. Now, thanks to ebay I just won a new ms10–and with shipping I only paid $5 more than in 1986. These things normally go for $80-$100 on ebay, but I finally got lucky.

So, now my pedal board is back to its original Lizards From Afar set up. I think this calls for a new song… just as soon as the pedal gets here…


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