Block Party on Insomnia Radio’s Daily Dose

Our song “Block Party” is featured today on Insomnia Radio’s Daily Dose. IR plays a lot of great songs. Other than our own tune (obviously) I recommend yesterday’s Daily Dose “Whaley” by a band called Sentinel. Dreamy stuff!

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Here’s what Ivan (aka Gator), who wrote the lyrics to “Block Party,” says about the tune:

“Block Party was written in response to some of Serpent’s (aka Bob Geisert) great work – I think it may have been Just a Girl. I decided I wanted to write a sweeter song than the ones I normally do, and, well–the suicidal absinthe mystic won out again. It’s a depressing little number about a terrible fear and the horrible, crippling guilt survivors often feel. You know, a real party song. I remain amazed that the other Lizards picked up on it and felt as strongly about it as me, but I’m glad they did. I think it’s some of our best work yet.”


One Response to “Block Party on Insomnia Radio’s Daily Dose”

  1. They get a lot of plays!

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