Gecko Wins A Guitar!

A few weeks ago I received a friend request on FB from a new guitar shop opening in Kansas City called “The Guitar Syndicate.” No, I don’t know how they got my name–could be because of my famous work for the Lizards From Afar. At any rate, I visited their website and saw they had a giveaway going on that week for a Martin Backpacker guitar. I signed up, then forgot about it. But, lo! A week later, they told me I had won the guitar. I received it earlier this week.

Here I am playing it in my living room (with a capo):

I don’t think I’ve ever won anything before, certainly not a guitar. Thanks Guitar Syndicate!

As for the Backpacker, I don’t have much to say about it that isn’t already said on various guitar review sites: it’s a Martin and is quality work. The guitar is surprisingly loud, but doesn’t sound like a normal guitar–it lacks resonance and bass. The action is a little high, but that doesn’t bother me too much. At first I found it incredibly uncomfortable to play, but with some fiddling I figured it out and now I quite like it (so long as I’m standing up. The guitar is impossible to play sitting down).  Overall, it’s an interesting little novelty. I imagine it will turn some heads if I ever play it in public.


6 Responses to “Gecko Wins A Guitar!”

  1. It must be incorporated into some kind of LFA thing at some point.

  2. Sure. It doesn’t really sound like a ukelele, though. It sounds like a guitar, but is reminiscent of a uke or even a banjo. There’s something “spanky” about the tone, not rich and deep like a good acoustic guitar.

  3. for what it’s worth I got one of these about 15 years ago I think. I hardly ever play it (because as the reviewer noted it is impossible to play sat down) but it stays in tune wonderfully, and – for some reason – *smells* amazing. It always smells like fresh sawdust. The sound is ‘bright’ I think the word is – there is no bass to speak of unless you are finger picking but it produces incredibly clear notes.

    I got mine for about £100 with a free bag, brand new, back in about 2000. I think I may have got the deal of the decade there, they seem to be going on for £300 now.

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