New Song: Pickles

As the current run of LIZARDS FROM AFAR comes closer to an end, we have begun wrapping up some songs we had in various stages of completion. By wrapping up, I mean harassing Chopper Newt until he mixes them just to shut us up. Ya see, Chopper Newt has a knack for taking our half-assed creations and turning them listenable. As Frank says in Father Of The Bride, “He is a genius and we need his mind.”

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of adding the final touches to a song I wrote called PICKLES. This is an incredibly silly song of the order we have not attempted in a long time. Back in the day I was more successful at sliding these ridiculous creations past the guys. Since the reunion the requirements have been more stringent.

Not this time. I caught the Gecko napping and he composed music for Pickles. Music so annoyingly catchy that the song would not be denied. It needed to live, breath and rock. Is it silly? Yes. It’s still fantastic. Give it a try.

And let us know what you think!
Your friend in the mix,
Sir Pent


7 Responses to “New Song: Pickles”

  1. Forgot to mention that I also think this song is fantastic. Didn’t catch me napping at all. I read the lyrics once and the music came to me instantly–all except the funky guitar solo which Chopper Newt brilliantly composed for the middle section of the song. It was the perfect song, I think.

    And I think this song proves we aren’t repeating ourselves at all compositionally.

    Can’t wait to hear the final versions of I Hate Everybody and Westward. Newtski’s mixing skills are excellent! I need to take a class from him. Hear that, Chops! I might have to stop by Eye of Newt Studios one day for a lesson.

  2. A fellow tele player heard Pickles on the telecaster forum and liked it so much he added a vocoder part and posted it for me to hear.

    Here it is:

  3. Yeah. I’d love to hear it.

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