One of the last new songs you will be hearing from the current configuration of LIZARDS FROM AFAR is here and ready for your enjoyment. It’s called I HATE EVERYBODY. It’s an ode to the guy who thinks life has dropped the proverbial hot carl on the chest of his existence. Everything sucks and everyone annoys him.

The Gecko was generous enough to compose some music for it after some prompting. I was forced to sing lead vocals by default of the there not being a real singer available at the time. (I showed them all and sang my frakken ass off!) Then we could barely stop Chopper Newt from adding some bass and backing vocals!

So go ahead and give it a listen here!

As always, we’d love you to download it to play on your Sony Walkmans and what-nots. Just make sure you come back here and tell how great we are!
Sir Pent


6 Responses to “New Song: I HATE EVERYBODY”

  1. In all honesty, this song is getting some pretty positive reviews and for only being out a few days it has been listened to quite a bit and downloaded more than I expected.

    • I guess we ought to get it on some podcasts.

      I do really dig Newt’s backing vox on this tune.

      And, looking at the Cluster Map, I’m wondering who from Tierra del Fuego has found our site.

    • Oh, and I should add: I wasn’t being generous in composing some music for this lyric. I like it, and I like writing rock/pop tunes. Get the Chopster back on board and we’re still in biznez.

  2. Already working and have 2 podcasts lined up.

    And I was kidding about the generosity. You are privileged to be allowed to work with the genius which are my lyrics.

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