Back almost 20 years ago when LIZARDS FROM AFAR were a college band, my friend Chopper Newt was our main songwriter. We all wrote songs, but Chopper had a style that was definitely more advanced and mature than the rest of us. So most of the songs we did were written, co-written, or in some way tweaked by him. You think that would’ve made the rest of us angry, but the truth is that we all clearly understood that his stuff was just better than ours. (Gator may disagree…either way, I was a distant 5th.)

When we got back together 3 years ago to try virtual recording online, Chris didn’t want to write songs. He seemed content (enough) to sing, play guitar and mix the music. This was good news for me because we ended up doing a lot of songs I wrote. I never stopped bugging him to write something, though.

Sometime late in 2009, Chopper sent out an email title “Inspiration Struck”. Enclosed were lyrics to a proposed suite of music. Three songs that were unique, but worked together musically and narratively to tell a bigger story. At first I wasn’t knocked out by what I read because I didn’t understand what the lyrics meant. (What that means is that I felt stupid and inadequate.) A few months later he sent us the music and I no longer cared that I didn’t understand the lyrics because it was just cool.

So, give Westward a chance. It’s a pretty ambitious undertaking for us and I’m very happy with how it turned out.
Also, if you think you know what it all means, please tell me because Chopper will not. (Seriously.)


16 Responses to “New Song: WESTWARD”

  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have a PhD and I’m not entirely clear about the intention of the lyrics. I have an interpretation, though, and I’ll let you in on it if you begs.

    But just to deflate them a bit: The last bit I always hear as “Westward the corsican vampire makes his way!”

  2. As for lyric writing acumen, I’d agree that Chopper was the most mature back in college. Gator has matched him with our “reunion” recordings. 4H and Fourteen, for example. But Chopper also has the ability to come up with great musical hooks, too. I’ve been composing most of the music for our reunion stuff, but on the few occasions when Chopper has come up with the melody and rhythm, I love his work.

    My favorite thing about Westward: no rhyming. Awesome.

  3. Fine, as long as you recognize that, I will once again love this song with all my heart.

    So…One Minute for our first post-Chopper venture? I have a couple of days off at the end of the month. I think I can do drums and vocals then, if you can do a mix-down.

    • Takes you a couple days off to record a one-minute song?

      • I’m just way behind on masturbation.

      • Understood.

        I note that you mention adding vocals, too. Since the flac I uploaded has MY vocals on it, I suppose you are now asking for a vox-less guitar-only file so you can add your crooning instead, in addition to a drum track. I’ll try to get around to it later this week.

  4. I am indeed asking for a vocal-less flac.

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