Lizards From Afar featured artist on Inside My Head Podcast

Jen, star and proprietor of the Inside My Head Podcast, has dedicated an entire show to our favorite band…us. She does a great job of retelling the history as culled by me, Sir Pent. She spins several of our tunes and interweaves the tale of our exploits from burgeoning college-rock (under-appreciated) geniuses to our glorious rebirth in the new millennium.  You also get to hear birds in the background, which is also cool.

Much love and appreciation to Jen and the good work she does to bring music and entertainment to the world.

Check out the podcast here:

Sir Pent


3 Responses to “Lizards From Afar featured artist on Inside My Head Podcast”

  1. I managed to listen this eve while most of my women were out of the apartment. It’s really good. I’ve heard Jen’s podcasts before and agree with Chopper that her voice and delivery is remarkable. But her presentation of our music is very flattering.

    I think we just might rock!


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