Why Aren’t Lizards From Afar on Wikipedia?

Isn’t it now time? Other bands of less importance than us in the development of a unique rock sound have wikipedia pages. We should have one.


3 Responses to “Why Aren’t Lizards From Afar on Wikipedia?”

  1. I’ve tried on a few occasions and each time my entry is removed by the moderators. They basically say we have not accomplished anything of enough significance to warrant being in Wikipedia.

    There is supposedly an arbitration process you can request in which you make a case for why you should be included. They wouldn’t let me do that.

    After all that, in my usual style, I kept adding us every few days until I was eventually banned.

    Feel free to take a crack at it though. I would love for us to be in there.

    • Just to get back to this, when I get a chance I’m going to try again. Also, I was just thinking that I’m not interested in abandoning LFA. Too much fun.

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