New Music?

Dear Lizard Fans:

If you are one of our Facebook fans, you’ll probably know that Lizards From Afar soldiers on in the new “dynamic duo” era of the Gecko and Sir Pent. We’ve released several new songs, including my favorite, “Monster Truck,” on Reverbnation. Please visit our site there and download our tunes as always entirely for free. Sure, lots of bands can’t afford to give it away like us, but we’re here only to enjoy the music.

In big LFA news, Sir Pent has completed the lyrics to a fascinating concept album and I’m working on the music. Yes, we’re going to pull a Green Day: a power-punk-concept-collection. It had to be done, didn’t it? No work on a completion date, though, so don’t get all breathless waiting for it. We’re hoping to drag the other Lizards out from under their respective rocks to participate, though.


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