Band Pictures

Pictures of Lizards From Afar in their various incarnations….

Band Photos:

Concert on the Quad, IWU 1991

Concert at the IWU Bandshell 1992

Detail from the Concert on the Quad 1991

LFA paraphanelia


22 Responses to “Band Pictures”

  1. Chopper Newt Says:

    Gecko looks like Pat DiNizio. Like, a lot.

    That reminds me, we should cover “Behind The Wall Of Sleep”.

  2. I guess that’s a compliment. I don’t think I look like him a lot; maybe a little.

  3. I’m just entranced looking at Matt in Vortex Rainbow.

  4. Replaced our pictures with a collage. Because I could.

  5. I like it. (I should be biggest, though.)

  6. Click on it. Is that big enough?

    Also check out my “LFA Telecaster” picture on the bottom of the front page!

    (I was messing around with images last night after my daughter went to bed.)

  7. I was thinking of having some t-shirts made up with the logo.

  8. I’ll take a size small in black.

  9. Would you guys be interested in something like the t shirt posted above?

  10. Nifty. How much would it cost to do?

  11. Well, I need to price it out at a couple of places and I would just get as many as “we” want. I would want to get pretty high quality material, so depending on how many I end up ordering…$19-$25 each.

  12. That’s not too much. Just make sure the shirts are %100 cotton.

    ‘Course, what I want is a LFA sticker for my guitar. I’ll look into that.

    BTW, look for something very soon on your gunslinger lyrics.

  13. Oh yeah. The ones I have been looking at were heavy duty cotton. I would like to get a couple for myself, a few for family…so just think about how many you would want and the different sizes.

    Give me a few weeks and I’ll make you a sticker at work and mail it to ya.

  14. You can make stickers at work? That’s handy.

    I posted my interpretation of the logo for a sticker–I was thinking it should be round, tho’, not rectangular.

  15. I’ll have to see what we have in the “supplier provided free samples” material bin, but we are capable of printing stickers. They’ll be a low to medium tack…which means you can take them off relatively easily.
    Now, having said that…if you want them round, you’ll have to get out an exacto blade and trim it out. I’d have to have the stickers die-cut to be round and that would cost mucho.

    I like your 2-color version, but what if we made the lizard OR the continents like a 95% screen so that there is some distinction between the two?

  16. Yeah, I can trim it out. Screen whatever you want. But I do like the starkness of two-color.

    Check out the HOIYS page. A fan posted a message there. No idea who he is or who turned him on to LFA.

  17. I saw! Our legacy is assured.

  18. I do agree, though. I wonder if I could put a slight keyline around the lizard…just to separate the lizard from the continents? The black with the red eye is pretty cool looking.
    I’ll play with it monday at work during lunch. (I have the files saved on my computer at work.)

  19. Chopper & Gator:
    If I were to order some T-Shirts (see prototype picture posted above), would either be interested and what size(s) would you want?

  20. tshirts ordered…see new mockups above

  21. my tshirt fits perfectly.

    and for some reason.. girls talk to me now.

  22. NO tshirt is that magical, Gordon…

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