My brand new used Epiphone Dot

Posted in General on September 9, 2011 by Matt

Nice guitar. Plays very well. Not too keen on the quality of the pots. And I hate the aftermarket lugnut knobs, but have yet to get new proper ones.



The Gecko’s Parts-built Fender Esquire

Posted in General on August 29, 2011 by Matt

Although the war-scars don’t show here (they’re, strangely enough, mostly on the back), it’s starting to look worn in. Updated with Joe Barden compensated brass saddles and vintage 60s Reissue tuning machines.

I’m also planning to customize the headstock decal eventually.

New Music?

Posted in General on April 6, 2011 by Matt

Dear Lizard Fans:

If you are one of our Facebook fans, you’ll probably know that Lizards From Afar soldiers on in the new “dynamic duo” era of the Gecko and Sir Pent. We’ve released several new songs, including my favorite, “Monster Truck,” on Reverbnation. Please visit our site there and download our tunes as always entirely for free. Sure, lots of bands can’t afford to give it away like us, but we’re here only to enjoy the music.

In big LFA news, Sir Pent has completed the lyrics to a fascinating concept album and I’m working on the music. Yes, we’re going to pull a Green Day: a power-punk-concept-collection. It had to be done, didn’t it? No work on a completion date, though, so don’t get all breathless waiting for it. We’re hoping to drag the other Lizards out from under their respective rocks to participate, though.

Eldred Modification to My Esquire

Posted in General on January 31, 2011 by Matt

Yeah, I’m going to try it out.

Here’s the mess of wiring that I’ve got to figure out which doodad to remove and which thingy to add and where.Ignore the socks.

Update 3 Feb: After a dark cold night of soldering in the basement after everyone else was in bed, the mod works perfectly. Awesome! Now my Esquire is even cooler than it was (which is really saying something).

Sooicyde Soozie?

Posted in General on January 23, 2011 by Matt

Wow, over three months since I’ve visited our own blog.

Cool stuff does occasionally happen for Lizards From Afar, including the release of some newer songs, including this one called Sooicyde Soozie:

Sooicyde Soozie

Lyrics by Sir Pent, music by me. It’s sort of British New Wave in style and I dig it. Enjoy. There aren’t many of us still active as Lizards, but this music is pure LFA.

The Gecko is the Trent Reznor of Lizards From Afar

Posted in General on October 18, 2010 by Matt

What happens in Lizardom? Although silly new “social networking” technology allows us always to stay “in touch,” the Lizards have almost entirely gone their separate ways. But I keep on pumping out new songs, working through the incredible backlog of lyrics sent to me by Gator and Sir Pent. Some of these songs may yet see the light of day, and some are even good. The big problem is that the only Lizard available to do vocals is… well, me. If it’s a loud punk song, it’s not so bad. If it’s a song that actually requires singing, the results are often not so fortunate.

But Chopper Newt wrote, after apparently hearing my last demo, “the Gecko is the Trent Reznor of Lizards From Afar.”

I’m keeping the flame burning.

Why Aren’t Lizards From Afar on Wikipedia?

Posted in General on July 25, 2010 by Matt

Isn’t it now time? Other bands of less importance than us in the development of a unique rock sound have wikipedia pages. We should have one.