The Basement Sessions

I’m not sure how many of the former Lizards have these rehearsal recordings (I’d be interested to hear), but I dug some of these up out of old cassette tapes sitting in a foot locker in my basement. I don’t think the locker had been opened since 1994. With a little remastering, they really rock.

This is an on going project, too, since I and others have other files that I will post when I’m able to find time to convert them to digital. If anyone has any other lost Lizard recordings and would like to have them converted to digital, I’d be happy to do it and post them here. If anyone has already done the conversion, feel free to send them to me or send a link if you can post them somewhere on your own.


1. Stay With Me

2. Nursery World

3. Nursery World (Chopper Newt Acoustic)

4. Whoops! Democracy

5. Stars

6. Bob’s Your Uncle

7. Detox

8. Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Cover of the 1986 Georgia Satellites tune)

9. Got My Mojo Workin’ (Cover of the 1957 Muddy Waters tune)

10. Enter Sandman (A Lounge-style riff on the 1991 Metallica tune)

11. Yoko

12. Last Train

13. Crossroads


10 Responses to “The Basement Sessions”

  1. Serpentuh Says:

    Stay With Me sounds really great. I think I like that better than the HOIYS version!
    Nursery World is very slow. Weird, but kinda REM-ish.

    Is that ME on Pop Song? I don’t remember ever doing that song and (to me) it doesn’t sound like me drumming.

    Can’t wait for more as I have none of this stuff.

  2. The Gecko Says:

    Now that I think about it, the drummer for that rather terrible cover of Pop Song ’89 was a guy (a musician) I knew from ISU. I can’t recall why he was over at CN’s “studio” with me.

  3. The Gecko Says:

    Some of the stuff I have on old tapes might not really be termed “Lizards from Afar” music, as if often only includes some of us, and might include random others playing various instruments…

  4. Serpentuh Says:

    So you guys cheated on me behind my back! (The good news being that he didn’t sound like he was much better than I was…)

    I can tell it’s me on SWM and NW, so it’s just that one I would guess.

  5. So when are we seeing the next batch of these. I am waiting with much anticipation!!

  6. The Gecko Says:

    Sorry for the delay. I’m crushed with work and life right now–my wife and I are both professors and she started her semester this week. And worse, my semester begins next week, but this year I’m working at the City University of New York, so I’m commuting from the Midwest to the East Coast every week. I’m a madman, I tell you! I’m trying to get ready for all this.

    At any rate, probably another week will go by before I have the chance to remaster any more material. I imagine I will have time to do it in the evenings in New York, but I’ll have to find a good tape player up there to hook up to my computer–not always an easy thing to locate these days.

    Come to think of it, I have remastered a couple other songs: the original, original version of Funk This College Life that Gator and I recorded back at his parents’ house. I wasn’t sure I’d release it at all, at least without Gator’s approval. I also have a version of “Chasing the Dragon” that he and I recorded at the same time, but it’s not really a Lizard song since we never played it as a group. With Gator’s approval, I can post these if anyone is interested. I also have the equalized and noise-reduced versions of the Fearless Freep tunes that I can post, if anyone wants them. I’ll try to post these later in the week.


  7. I keep forgetting you teach stuff. My wife is a teacher (Catholic grade school) and she just started this week. So I can kinda feel your pain.
    BTW-how did your procedure go, old man?

  8. The Gecko Says:

    You don’t want to hear about it. No, really, you don’t–unless you know what is meant by the terms M.R.S.A. and Doxycycline.

  9. Well, as long as your testicles are still in place, I’ll call the whole thing a success.

  10. I still say the lounge version of Sandman should’ve been on the KTH album!!!!

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