The Infamous Lizards From Afar 1992 Concert at the IWU bandshell! (Also watch videos of the concert on our Myspace page.)


1. Whoops… Democracy!

2. Misty Mountain Hop

3. You’re the One/ Devil Went Down to Georgia

4. Stay With Me

5. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

6. Indian Summer

7. Grain Elevator / Funk This College Life

8. Fallin’ Down Drunk

9. You’re Crazy

10. Got My Mojo Working

11. Mick Says

12. Winter’s Chill

13. Detox

14. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

15. Nursery World

16. I Wanna Be Good

17. Stars

18. Channeling Lou

19. Cigarettes

20. Dead Linus

21. Ladybugs’ Picnic

22. Going To California

23. Three Foot Blues

24. Train Song


One Response to “LFA LIVE! IWU 1992”

  1. The cool part about these tracks is that all the awkward silence between songs has been removed. If you play them back to back, it sounds like we are totally kickin’ ass and moving from song to song in a manner of seconds.
    Makes us sound a lot more impressive than we actually were…

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