Tantric Pathways

LFA’s third and final official recording during its original phase, Tantric Pathways (1993), featured the final Lizard, Komodo Dragon, on vocals. The sound quality of TP was, in general, poor (this was my fault), but I’ve been able to remove a great deal of the noise in the conversion to mp3.

Cover Art by Serpentuh, reformatted for CD Jewel case:



1. The Gateway

2. Then I Fall

3. No Remorse

4. Hey Bert

5. Crossroads

6. Soloman’s Ring

7. Middleground

8. The Lizard King

9. Conspiracist’s Tragedy

10. Caverns of Agartha

11. The Last Train


14 Responses to “Tantric Pathways”

  1. Serpentuh Says:

    I’m torn on what to think of these.
    On the one hand, you have removed most of the horrible, terrible, evil tape hiss that ravaged these recordings.
    On the other, they now sound a lot more “flat”.

    Which to put on the iPod…

  2. What do you mean more “flat”?

    You may be right, though–the range of “noise” is reduced. But I couldn’t tolerate the hiss.

    BTW, I’ve also run noise reduction filers on the Fearless Freep mp3s you sent me, as well as cut off some of the “silence.” I think they sound excellent. Catchy songs, too. The only one I couldn’t filter was “butterfly effect,” because you send me an m4a file, not an mp3. M4a play on iTunes, but my remastering software by Acoustica.com won’t recognize that format.

    I can e-mail you the FF files, if you’d like. I can also post them, but I want to post the Lizards old rehearsal stuff first.


  3. Serpentuh Says:

    It doesn’t seem to have the “higher end” like it did before.
    To your point, it may be worth it to lose the hiss which was a LOT worse than what I remembered. (Was that from endlessly bumping down the tracks to gain MORE tracks to record on?)
    I haven’t decided which I like better, I guess is the point.

    I can send you an MP3 of Butterfly Effect if you think that you can clean it up any. I really don’t think it’s that salvageable. I know Chopper would really like to re-record it.

  4. The Gecko Says:

    Yeah, send an mp3. I’ll then e-mail you the new noise reduced files.

  5. How I love “Last Train”. What better final song on the final album of a great band that left behind it a living testimony to their college experience?

    A great song invites its listeners to adopt it as their own on the deepest personal level. It lives inside the listener’s heart and quickly becomes the themesong of a time, an experience, a place, a love.. some yet unnamed thing deep within them.
    “Last Train”, for me, is a farewell to the Wesleyan years.
    I don’t know if that’s what you intended when you made it, but i suppose it doesn’t matter. I love this song and I feel the old feeling whenever i hear it.

  6. Gator wrote the Last Train, as I recall. At least he wrote the words. I came up with the melody and chord structure, and Serpentuh, of course, did the percussion, and Komodo Dragon did all the vocals (we rarely had “backing” vocals on our tunes). I don’t think we ever even talked about it very much, in terms of its meaning. Certainly it meant something to me, since I was planning to leave Illinois and move to Florida….

    I remember being very unhappy with the initial recording of it and working and working with it. There are, I think, four different guitar tracks all playing over top of one another. The only thing I still don’t like about it is that I faded out the end too quickly. Oh, and all the noise. Would be great to re-record the whole thing.

  7. Since Gator is not posting around here or myspace, I will tell you what I remember of the two of you writing this song:
    Gator told me that he was sitting in the living room and that the Gecko came walking in with his acoustic guitar playing the melody.
    Gecko asked what Gator thought, and Gator says he almost instantly came up with the chorus. He says the song was mostly written that evening.

    My memories:
    – I initially hated the song (I couldn’t rectify that some of the lyrics were past tense and some were current tense). I got over that.
    – I remember while rehearsing the song I was fiddling with a drum pattern that used a lot of “off beats” and Gecko just looking at me really annoyed and saying “Stop that.”
    – When Komodo was recording the vocals, I remember not liking what I was hearing…but it was hard to visualize what he was doing because he was doing his own harmonies and overlaying multiple parts. Some parts I think he sounds amazing, other’s I think he sounds a little weak.

    Overall I have come to think of this song as one of the strongest written songs the LFA ever did. I would love to re-record as well.

    BTW-Chopper has mentioned an overall “re-recording” venture. If everyone had the same software we could record our own parts to songs and send them to eachother. We could take as long as we want and then slowly recompile LFA songs and un-recorded Fearless Freep songs.

  8. There’s an application at Acoustica.com called Mixcraft that allows one to mix music and it’s cheaper than most other apps out there. You can get it with a package called Beatcraft that includes various drum machines–not as cool as using real drums, however. Do you even have a drum kit anymore, Serpentuh? I don’t have an electric guitar, but I’m eager to buy a new one (or an old one, as the case may be).

    If we all had this software, we could indeed record all our parts separately. I suppose you would have to do all the drum parts first, then send the file for the rest of the music, and finally vocals. Pretty funny idea recording an album with the musicians in different states.

  9. I have a full digital kit. It only has one ride cymbal and one crash…but that’s more than I had back in college. Right now it’s packed up in the attic, but could easily come down. It has a few hundred different pre-set drum sounds. (i.e., heavy metal, jazz, acoustic, large hall, a lot of crazy sounds you’d never use, etc.) You are supposed to be able to program your own kit down to the individual pads…but even when I still had the manual I couldn’t get that to work.
    I think it can even do a click track that will only go through the headphones but not the audio out…
    All I would need to do is go from the “brain” audio out into an audio in on a computer.

    I bought it a few years after Freep died. My new cousin-in-law wanted to start a group, he played guitar and a female friend of his supposedly played bass.
    Cousin-in-law is much better than he believes but needs to play with other people more…bass player literally couldn’t play note ONE. Heard we were going to start a group, went out and bought a bass + amp.
    That lasted about 6 months…

    When I had the basement finished I “temporarily” stored them in the attic…it’s been 2 years.

  10. hmmm… recording reunion.. via satellite..? the idea is just crazy enough to WORK!!
    what a cool epilogue to classic body of work.

    (gordon pipes in after 3 months of silence)

  11. i don’t really mean “via satellite”.. just referring to The Gecko’s idea of recording separately. very cool.

  12. Yeah, if I’d get off of my derrier and get my drums out, we could really do something. I hinted to it I think on the myspace page that “something big” was coming in 2008.
    That something big in MY mind is a loose collective: LFA mark IIII
    We can re-record songs that we feel didn’t get a fair treatment or we can write new material.
    The whole idea would be to do it just for kicks.

  13. The Gecko Says:

    I’m planning to buy Acoustica Mixcraft 3 (which is compatible with Sony Acid and Apple Garage Band, I believe) when I’m back in NYC. I wanted to record some of my classical guitar music, but I’m open to re-recording LFA stuff, too (although I need a new electric guitar). The question is whether it’s possible to “share” the loops. They might be too big to feasibly e-mail back and forth. Anyone worked with such files before?

    I like this comment: “The whole idea would be to do it just for kicks.” Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m in it for the money. Har har.

  14. The Gecko Says:
    January 15, 2008 at 7:48 pm
    “I don’t know about you, but I’m in it for the money.”

    You always were greedy.

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