How Old Is Your Sister?

how-old-is-your-sister-cover.jpg How Old Is Your Sister? (1991)

Recorded Saturday Morning, 4 May 1991 in Bloomington, Illinois, HOIYS was the Lizards’ only true studio experience (Anyone remember the name of the studio?). That said, most of these tunes are one-takes and contain plenty of mistakes and other screw ups, for all their rock and roll brilliance. For the most part, I had no idea what was going on in the studio. If you listen, you can hear Chopper Newt ask me in the middle of “She’s Always A Woman” if I’d like to do a solo, which I declined with a shake of the head–not realizing that I’d have no time later to add one in. My guitar also sounds particularly crappy, too, since I borrowed a high-tech effects rack from a friend that I had no real idea how to use. Ah, well, it’s all part of rock’n’roll history now.

1 Stay With Me

2 3-foot etc.

3 She’s Always A Woman

4 Nursery World

5 Detox (Rock and Roll Singer)

6 Mick Says

7 Winter’s Chill

8 Train Song

9 You’re The One

10 Devil Went Down To Georgia

11 Fallin’ Down Drunk

12 You’re Crazy (mon)

13 Dead Linus

14. Giddy With Dread



18 Responses to “How Old Is Your Sister?”

  1. The Gecko Says:

    I’m interested to know what those of you who have the original tapes think of these mp3 conversions. I forgot to note that I ran noise reduction and equalization software on everything–which got rid of a lot of tape fuzz, but may have changed the sound of the original music somewhat.

    I haven’t been able to download Serpentuh’s WAV versions, yet. Do they sound better or worse?


  2. Serpentuh Says:

    I have done a side-by-side comparison and there are things to like/dislike about both:
    Geckos versions have a “richer” and more “bass” heavy sound which I like.

    Serpentuh versions seem louder and capture a wider ‘spectrum’ (to incorrectly use a color theory term) music/sound…but along with that comes the “hiss” which mine still have and spots of tape “warble”. (I think that comes from the condition of my original tapes, though.)

  3. The Gecko Says:

    That’s what I expected, actually. The noise reduction software I used definitely reduced the range of the original sound, but I hated the tape hiss–especially only Tantric Pathways (which was so bad I couldn’t get rid of it all).

  4. Serpentuh Says:

    So far, I prefer yours to mine, so am intending to replace on my iPod when I have NOTHING else to do. (So maybe never…)

  5. Gordon Bazsali Says:

    Hey Lizards..
    This scratches a musical itch i’ve had for years.
    You may or may not remember me, but I went to IWU during the reign of the Lizards and saw many a gig. Since then, I was Gator’s roommate for a while and he gave me cassettes.. i’ve since lost them (like an idiot) and now i’m playing guitar and writing for a band here in Korea and i often think of you guys and how much PURE ROCKING FUN you packed into your songs. The more serious songs vividly remind me of those days in the “Wesleyan bubble” as we called it.
    Anyway, suffice it to say i’m hella stoked about the reappearance of this truly great material.
    Good job on the remixing, by the way.
    looking forward to more.
    your eternal fan,

  6. lfagecko Says:

    Hi, Gordon.

    I’m happy you’ve found us again. I’m wondering how you stumbled onto our blog, by the way? Word of mouth? Web search?

    Thanks regarding the remixing. I’ll be posting more music soon, particularly some “unreleased” rehearsal material that really rocks.

    Be sure to check out Serpentuh’s Lizards from Afar Myspace page, which has more material posted than here. He has a blog there, too! I’m just now surfing over there to read it myself.

    Matt (Gecko)

  7. Gordon!!
    I haven’t seen you since Your and Gator’s party where you picked me up after I worked all night, stayed up all day and then drank too much and passed out an hour into the party!!
    Anyway, you were the inspiration for me digging back into the Lizard past and getting the old tunes out to the WWW. I saw your post on the Strawdog site and broke into action within weeks…
    Anyway, it’s been a hoot being in contact with the guys again.
    1) e-mail me and, if you have high speed access, I will point you towards all the Lizard files I have.
    2) Make a myspace account and become a friend of the Lizards from Afar! (Stucky is very concerned that we do not have “friends” in the friend section.)
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Bob (Serpentuh)

  8. I pointed Gordon here – turns out I DID have the right email address.

  9. ah.. that explains how Serpentuh knew i was interested.
    i’m more than a bit amazed that my message to Carm at Strawdog inspired all this.
    talk about a butterfly flapping its wings.

  10. Yes, you’re to blame.
    It actually makes me wonder why I never thought of doing any of this before…

  11. OregonFan Says:

    I just wanted to share how excited I am to have found this site. Back in ’93 or ’94 I met a guy who had attended Wesleyan and was a big fan. He gave me copies of HOIYS and KTH, and I played them raw. I lost touch with him after moving to Chicago and now Oregon.

    A few nights back, my wife was commenting on how she preferred the Primus version of Devil Went Down to Georgia. I told her my favorite version was by a band called Lizards from Afar. I then tried to explain the musical brilliance that is Dead Linus. By the blank stare, I surmise I failed. Now I can let the music do the talking. Thanks for putting this up.

  12. You’re welcome.

    I guess the approaching horror of mid-life and the now readily-available technology for digitizing the old tapes led several of us independently to this project. And now we’re making new music. Check out the new music on

    Do you perchance remember the name of the fan from Wesleyan who gave you the old tapes?

  13. OregonFan Says:

    I remember how impressed I was then that you guys had the wherewithal to put an album together, especially one that didn’t sound like it was recorded on a mono mic and a shoebox tape recorder. These days, every teen with a Mac has made a dozen YouTube videos. They’ll never know the pain of downloading 8-color porn at 1200 baud from a BBS one fat pixel at a time. 🙂

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of the new stuff, but I liked Clipboard so far. I’m planning on collecting all of the digital media to enjoy on a road trip with friends from Chicago to Indianapolis this August.

    I’m always wary of dropping names publicly, in the event they are trying to stay off the radar for some reason. However, part of what led me to LFA was trying to reconnect with him. Since he’s in your Top 40 friends on MySpace, I’m going to assume it is okay with him. JoHutto is his MySpace profile name. If you’d like more info, feel free to email me. If he reads this, I hope he’ll contact me so I don’t have to sign up for a MySpace account just to reach him.

  14. Well OregonFan, keep in mind that the drummer usually deserves all the credit when it comes to situations like those…and this situation was no different. I was really the driving force behind LFA. Without me it would’ve been nothing. NOTHING!

    If you tell me who YOU are, I can get you in contact with JHutton. I haven’t e-mailed him in a while, but I think I have his address…so I can ask him if he knows who you are. (You can e-mail me at
    At the very least I will contact through myspace for you.

  15. OregonFan Says:

    I’ve always said, “Life without rhythm is clumsy, like white people dancing.” Actually, I’ve never said that, until now. I fear the racial implications and/or a coordinated yet awkward attack by said white people. I claim I can get away with it as a poor dancing white person myself.

    On the flip side, my wife always said, “What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? Homeless!” I found that crass, but she claims she can get away with it because she was in a band once.

    I’ll gladly take you up on your offer for MySpace proxyness. I’m afraid as soon as I sign up I’ll get sex offended. Email is on the way. My apologies for befouling your site with cliche’d minor witticisms.

  16. I sent John the e-mail telling him you wanted to make contact.
    It’s up to him now.
    Good Luck…and listen to the new stuff as if this were the end of the world and ours was the only music available and if music ever stopped going below 50MPH the radio would explode.

  17. Flagheat Says:

    OMG! I just stumbled across you guys again after so many years! I was definitely a groupie and have How Old is Your Sister on cassette somewhere. Thanks for the trip down memory lane….

  18. Awesome Flagheat…so who are you?

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